X La La La

Xlalala specializes in promoting music, representing & managing artists, as well as offering production services.

What’s more, Xlalala is managing two of the best show locations in Athens, Greece; Terra Vibe Park and Piraeus 117 Academy (more venues coming soon…) along with its own Box Office, Hunter Agency.

Founded by Nikos Loris, widely known for his years of experience in the music industry, as well as the organizer of the biggest shows in Greece.

Proudly being the name behind Rockwave Festival, launched in 1996 and known as one of the biggest music festivals in Europe, he has hosted more than 300 international and local artists and he still rocks on!

Having spent years building memories for every music lover, he forms Xlalala as the fresh way of music management and promo.

Xlalala wants to understand the DNA of music, before even passing it on to you. We are passionate about great ideas, devoted to communicating the most fascinating concepts and –seriously- we are in love with getting audiences excited!

We do much more than just promoting music. Our work begins with having complete faith in our artists’ talents and acting with a hands-on attitude to introduce them to the world.

Our music is our home.

We are Xlalala, and we are here to change the way you’re experiencing music.